What is the difference between the Nakula Organic and Nakula plant based range?

The Nakula Organic range is certified organic (ACO and USDA) and is comprised of Nakula Coconut Water 330ml, Nakula Coconut Cream and Nakula Coconut Milk. The Nakula Plant Based range (formerly Harvest) currently consists of Nakula Harvest Pure Coconut Water 1L as well as Nakula Plant Based Coconut Milk Yoghurt and Nakula Plant Based Coconut Milk Mousse. The products under the Nakula Plant Based range are currently not certified organic.

Are all Nakula products vegan?

Yes - all Nakula products are vegan and dairy free.

*Note our manufactured products are manufactured in premises that also manufacture dairy products

Is Nakula plant based coconut milk yoghurt and Mousse gluten free?

Yes - the Nakula Plant Based Coconut Milk Yoghurt and Mousse range are gluten free.

Are animals used in the harvesting process of your products?

No animals are used in the harvesting or production process of Nakula Coconut products.

Are your products available internationally? 

Currently - Nakula Organic Coconut products are available in Japan and Singapore. For more details email hello@nakula.com.au


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